What amount should I set my ad filter to?

Alright so I joined Paidverts around 2 weeks ago. I have just a little over 200,00 BAPs. I am currently planning on getting the ad filter. I have $6 and once I reach $10 in my account I will get it. I just don’t know what amount to set it too. I read around in the fourms and some say not to get the ad filter until you reach millions of BAPs, while others have already set it to like $0.20-30 and under 300k BAPs! I just don’t know what to set mine to. Right now I don’t click on ads below $0.01 and sometimes I don’t have time to click all the $0.01 ads either… Thanks in advance for your input guys.


0.05 will be okay …but naturally your earning will be lesser than what you should earn without adfilter..
I got mine on 0.10 since im lazy and don’t have the time to click ad lesser than 0.10 (my earning last night issue is 0.50 instead of (180k to 360k ……………… 0.09 ……………… 1305 ……………… 1081 ……………… 1.2072155412)


yep , it depends how lazy r u )))
i’ve got 100k BAPs and set filter to 0.05 . cuz i don’t really want to click 50-70  ads of 0.01 . that makes me like a robot. but i’m not )))
i know that it will be a lesser profit , but i don’t care. my BAPs still with me )))


Ordinarily, at your level, somewhere between $0.005 and $0.009 would be the suggested option. If you don’t click ads less than $0.01, then I’d set it at the 0.009 so it doesn’t stop the 0.01 ads from coming through. Any higher and you may become very restricted in the number of ads you normally get…I guess it’s difficult as you point out you don’t always have the time to even click the 0.01 and above ads.


i have this 167909 points i select the amount in filter 0.03 is this is okay


check this : http://mtvpv.com/news/when-to-buy-an-ad-filter-at-paidverts


Definitely check the link bellclick has listed as you will find that the level you have set will likely be too high given your BAP grouping and you may miss a significant amount of ads every day. For your group, setting the filter at about $0.009 would be better so it stops all the very low value ads but still allows the $0.01 ads to come through


Put it somewhere around $0.008 or $0.01.

Don’t ever set higher than $0.03 before you reach group 12


judging by your minimum ad value preference of 0,01$ I wouldn’t suggest buying ad filter at least until you pass 7th bap group and then i would suggest setting on 0,05$ since its good idea if you intend to move on to higher groups, unless you wanna stay where you are you should set it on 0,02$

be careful when buying ad filter, if buying it more than once you will be losing money and instead be better off without it and letting those micro ads recycle instead.

I made some calculations, if in average every day you get e.g. 5 cents in micro ads which you dont click(ads are recycled) 10$ ad filter would pay itself in roughly 200 days,
changing it(spending more 10$) once again adds +200 days to the timer and those 5 cents are worth 100 baps which you can easily recover by clicking on 4 daily free bap ads instead of 30-50 low value ads rendering ad filter at this point pretty much useless.

talking from my experience from lowest to 7th bap group

calculation is based on the user’s preference of strictly clicking ads from 0,01$ and on(it’s something like an ad filter in your head)


Mine is set 0.005 and it’s superb, if you set it u higher than 0.01 u can miss the adds but your BAPs will still be deducted…so keep that in mind.





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