To sell or not to sell shares

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13/11/2014 04:11

So currently I just got to group 6 with 186,095 Bap and I own 195 shares, if i sell them all for bap at the current price I will be in group 7 because 1440*195 + 186,095 = 466895. This will be part way to group 8 as well.

Do you think it would be more profitable to wait until the split and when the price is back up to the current value now? of course that will take time or get to group 7 now and buy shares with my earnings once the split happens while climbing to group 8.

I appreciate the advise, Thanks

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13/11/2014 04:50

It really depends on your Goal. If the main reason why you purchased shares was for you to move up in the BAP Group, then by all means follow that strategy. As long as you don’t undersell and you will actually earn a profit when you sell your shares, I don’t see why you shouldn’t do so.

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13/11/2014 05:36

If it was me, I’d sell enough to reach higher group, hold the rest and start re-buying with the increased earnings. I’d have the same amount of shares in a couple of weeks (probably just in time for the split).

This would be me, after all it’s up to you to decide what to do. smile

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