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Is mega upgrade profitable?

is there any person upgraded to mega upgrade?it it profitable?? ————————————————————————————————————-   I’ve read a few posts here wherein they haven’t received Mega ads for a number of days and that their upgrade had to be extended for another week. So I guess the answer is No. You might want to try the Mini-Upgrade instead. […]

News October 3rd – share price has increased 250% in the last 3months

Paul has sent his bill for hours logged since October 3rd, for $8000 USD. Rayner has also sent his bill for recent work; PV Vacation Mode/Ad Filter – graphics/html/css – $75 PV language option – graphics/html/css – $110 PV Deleted Banners – graphics – $40 MTV&PV; Draw Poker – graphics/css $1540 MTV&PV; Blak Jack (fresh […]

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