Share split history.

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12/11/2014 13:32

Dear all,

When did last share split happen?? and where were the share price then and how was the share split, i mean was by 5 or 10??

I want to know how long did it take the shares to reach almost $0.4/share (today’s rate).

Senior members please reply.

Thank you all.

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12/11/2014 13:34

Check out the share price history chart here, you’ll find all the information you need. smile

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12/11/2014 13:41

Thats a good question to ask!

Last split was in the middle of June. And has taken 4-5months to return to the pre-split price (thereby increasing the value by ~10x in 5months).

And I would expect the same thing to happen again as we split later this month or next.

So if you’re looking for 1000% ROI in 3-6months. Shares may well do that for you! And they’ll throw in some weekly dividends as a bonus.

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12/11/2014 13:51

To add on,
probably the increase of the share price back to the share split price
will be even faster with more members.

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12/11/2014 13:59

Thanks Jo for showing me the path. I just bought ~150 shares.

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12/11/2014 14:00

dear Jo,

do you plan to keep splitting the shares each time they get expensive??

after the coming split there will be 380,000,000 shares in circulation, with another more split there will be 3,800,000,000 shares, is that acceptable?

I think we should be able find buyer in order to equilibrate the supply with demand rather than make share price cheaper, because even if the share price is cheap, you may not found demand to that number of shares. so we will not sell our shares!

am I right?

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12/11/2014 14:13


Share split is only sustainable if the results/weekly dividends support the number of shares/share price.

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12/11/2014 14:15

I agree with yousef450…

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12/11/2014 14:17

Here is what you need to know.

Jo needs to keep the price of the shares low.

Reason being:

How can he continue to purchase shares and get the 2.5 needed to keep the site sustainable.

It is 5000 times harder to go from .50 to 1.25, than it is to go from .05 to .125.  Thus the reason for the split, because the new members and members with very little money, will still be able to purchase shares, whereas they cannot at .50 and higher.

So, you should continue to see more stock splits in the future, especially when the price gets to around this point.

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12/11/2014 14:45


It is 5000 times harder to go from .50 to 1.25, than it is to go from .05 to .125

I agree with you, this is 100% right.

I am not against share split, I am very excited about that, specially when Jo posted today’s news. if there is demand that can equilibrate supply regardless the numbers of shares, then it would be perfect.

but now we buy shares to get profit when the price rise, specially after the split. but we do not want to reach point that someone own 150000 shares for example worth 75000$ without buyers!!

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12/11/2014 14:48

Splits themselves are meaningless…. shares earn 19% of turnover. That’s it!

All a split does is divide that 19% up by more and more. And we dont have to “find buyers” ; the same people that own 38,000,000 shraes now, will own 380,000,000 shares as we split.

And if the price drops by a factor of 10… then the value remains the same…. eg. 38million * $1 per share = $38million. Or 380million * $0.10 per share = $38million. No difference.

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12/11/2014 17:14

As long as people is earning money and interest keeps focused on paidverts, there always be people wanting to buy shares.

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12/11/2014 18:25

If it increases 1000% in such short period i’m gonna be in trouble with taxes over here.. I can never prove I made such money by investing.. We’re not holding real shares here and it’s not possible to find all the transactions we made since we entered here.. Since every debt swap/share split deletes the past transactions :S

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12/11/2014 18:32

marcdekoning  if you make too much money you can out them to ”paradis fiscaux” like carabean island or the bank suisse ..

lol just a idea ..

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12/11/2014 18:37

@Marc, then cashout to bitcoin. Problem solved.

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12/11/2014 18:43

I’m trying to get my head around this, i keep having fleeting glimpses of clarity before the next question appears in my head to confuse me again cwy
…so if the shares split does that mean that the dividend is also divided by the same factor?

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12/11/2014 19:16

@Marc, as colasander said it can be done with BTC even with paypal, you can also fill a prepaid debit card and take out in ATM, i have not tested that yet but seen advertisement for it


yes dividends are also divided by the same factor x10

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12/11/2014 21:14

Making cash from bitcoins has laws as well. You should check with a tax lawyer wink

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12/11/2014 22:02

Some people are just too afraid of their government to enjoy profits.

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12/11/2014 22:34

why taking a risk?
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