i need some tips please :)

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30/01/2015 02:11

hello ! well first of all i’m kind of newbie here and i’m at the third group so what is the best strategy for me to grow even more ! and the other thing is when i buy shares i sell them instant . do i have to keep some shares and if yes why ? thank you very much i’m just trying to get better the idea of this because i love the way of this site works .. props to jo your a genius grin

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30/01/2015 02:58

well–first, take every penny you earn clicking and buy ads with it until you get to about group 5 (the middle of the group).

Then, take 90% of what you earn and buy ads, the other 10% shares. Just keep buying those shares, don’t worry about “doing” anything with them. Do this until you get to the middle of group 6.

At ANY point along the way, if you can invest about 30.00, it will really speed things up–because once you hit mid group 6, you will want to switch to investing 70% in ads, and saving the other 30% until you reach 10.00 in your balance so you can buy an ad filter.

Now, to maximise your earnings, you have a few options.

1. You can get referrals and encourage them to do what you are doing.

2.You can do it the hard way, like I did–buy your 4 micro ad packs daily (that gets you 10 cents a day, 48 micro ads), and buy the 5 cent recycled ad upgrade every time you have at least 2000 BAP and 5 cents. Without a filter, that USUALLY means 2000 1/20th of a cent ads. I meant it when I said THE HARD WAY LOL.

3. You can commit to investing at least 2 dollars a week of your own money to buy ads.  When you are in very low groups, even 2.00 a week makes a real difference.

Once you have hit mid group 7 and have the ad filter, set the filter at 1/2 a cent when you have lots of time to click, 1 cent when you don’t–and start buying the 5 cent recycled upgrade and the mini upgrade. Between these you’ll get AT LEAST 1.00 or 2 every single day, regardless of ad issues.

To keep moving up, I am investing 80-90% of my earnings into EITHER buying shares and converting them to BAP, OR buying 80-90% to ads, the rest to shares to hold. You decide which way to go based on how much profit you get from converting shares to BAP, and how many “personal” 1% ads you want to get. Every time you buy advertising, you get 1% back per day for 10 days, which is a good steady cushion if you’re buying ads daily.

When you’re considering converting shares to BAP, here’s the math:

say 1 share costs 5 cents.

You multiply 5 by 1.55– this will equal what that five cents would buy you in ads. In this example, it would equal 7.75 cents in ads if you bought advertising to get BAP.

7.75 x 20 (20 BAP equals 1 cent) = 155. 155 is how much BAP that 1 5 cent share is actually worth–if you had used the nickel to buy ads.

155 x 3% =4.65.  The 4.65 would be the 3% BAP fee you get when you sell shares for BAP. it is ADDED to the 155, to equal  160 (round up).

SO–IF shares are 5 cents each, and 1 share is being sold for MORE THAN 160 BAP on the market, you get MORE BAP BY BUYING SHARES AND CONVERTING THEM TO BAP. Since typically the figure is much higher, I usually go this route because I have a lot of active ads already.

Remember–YES, you get 1% of your ad purchase back daily for 10 days–so this is good ready cash. BUT, it isn’t really “profit”–since it is merely giving you a quick boost on your ROI. So, if the BAP profit per share is within 5-15 BAP of what you would get buying ads instead, you might choose to just buy ads to get the guaranteed ads to click on every day for 10 days. Your choice.

You always want to try and leave 10% of your earnings in shares, to be ready for future share splits, or serious value increases, or to sell for BAP if the BAP value goes way up and you’re close to moving up a group.

Once you hit group 8, you can drop to reinvesting 85%–75% in ads or BAP bought on the market, 5% shares, 5% 186 plan if you feel like it–and accumulate the rest to strt cashing out and profit taking. Or you can just keep reinvesting until you hit group 9–like I plan on doing.

As long as you reinvest a MINIMUM of 70%, you will maintain your BAP group.

Just remember to always keep a BIG BAP cushion–it’s almost never profitable to sell BAP for shares anyway. I like to keep my BAP cushion at at least twice the average daily ad issue for my group, plus 10.00–so I don’t accidentally drop a level just before ad issues get calculated. You can use the extra BAP to play games if you like, or convert it to shares (to reconvert into BAP when the value climbs), or just let it grow so you continue advancing.

Now this is just MY strategy–there are many others equally valid around here.

Have fun, and happy clicking!



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