how much to invest to earn $30 Daily

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20/11/2014 17:33

would like to how much i should invest so i can earn $30 daily income

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20/11/2014 17:36

you must be in level10,i thinksmile

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20/11/2014 17:42

1000$ , and you immediately in the group 10 and get 30-50$ per day cool

Traffic Value: $219.47101 Ghana

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20/11/2014 19:06

thanks for your reply

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20/11/2014 20:12

You will have 30% from that to withdraw to keep you enough BAP’s to stay in the group.
It is daily income which is awesome,some days are better some normal and weekend you may have nothing.

By the way guys I deposit 1k$ today it will  come soon.I was gonna go with 250% than Jo wrote in news split with sharers will come soon WOW and it could be good place to put that 1k. Now I also wonder would I get more from pv than from 250%?
250% usually run up to 100 days so being in group 10 would I get 1500$ income in 100 days as I would in 250% with out doing anything just waiting?
pv would give me money every day which I could reinvest unlike 250%
1k is not much so I will not go with 2 or 3 of them I will have to choose either 250% or pv.

What would you guys do with $1k?

20/11/2014 20:19

@Peter90 With that $1k I’d certainly divide them in 2 parts, using 500$ to buy a lot of shares and then wait for the split to happen, and after that wait until the shares reach once again $0.35-$0.40+/share and sell them. And with the other 500$ I’d buy ads in PV, to increase my BAPs and then, reinvesting and reinvesting, until I reach the desired group.


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20/11/2014 20:28

I would buy bulk ads with 1k and go straight to 3m group

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20/11/2014 20:36


Depends on what you like best. Daily earnings and daily work, or just sit back and relax but no daily earnings.

You could also combine PV and the FT250% plan, I did that for a while, it was quite good. So put 30% of your daily earnings in the 250% plan.

Don’t forget you have to buy the 250% plan upgrade for $250, so that leaves $750 to invest in that case. If you’re combining PV and MTV perhaps the 186% plan is better, no upgrade cost.

As for shares, if you’re a beginner I would buy a few and see how it goes, but don’t go all in, in my experience it requires a bit of experience with MTV before you can get a lot of profits from the shares.

Traffic Value: $67.58099 United Kingdom

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20/11/2014 20:52

it is too many to choose from LOL
I think I will go with pv I should get 250$ back in 25 days if I had 10$ per day I think it is possible.With that 250$ I could unlock 250% and than I could put even every day money from pv to 250%.I also deposit 40$ per week to buy sharers(I see money here but in long time) I started 2 weeks ago so that way I can have money in each of them have some daily money if I wanted to have,quick money from share as well as 250% will go up.

Thanks for sharing with me.I am still new here only 2 weeks but I love this page but also I was not sure where to put money.I still learn this website and is always good to ask for advice people who knows more because they are here longer here than I am.
PV and MTV rocks!!!

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20/11/2014 21:26

500$ bap and 500 in 189% plan or shares. (i’d prefer shares but with share you never know. thigs can go sideways but i doubt it smile )
250% plan not worth 250$ you pay unless you put more then 1k(in year).
and if u give all in bap there was was not 2.0 multiplier between ads value last week . it was not aways like 1.5m group gets 20 and 3m gets40 but it was rather like 20/35 or smth like that if i recall correctly tongue rolleye . your money your call smile

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20/11/2014 21:46

My personal Idea,

deposit $35 once every day into the 186%plan

and eventually once the first deposits start to fast track you will return $65

Take your original 35 and throw it back into the 186 plan & cash out your $30 daily.

~Done. So after 100 days you should be set.
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