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12/11/2014 14:19

In year 2017, I would expect PaidVerts to be

A) Revenues
- Average of $200,000 per day, peaks of $400,000 and lows of $100,000.
- Weekends will have about $50-80K.

B) Fast Track Queue
- We will have $300-400K of investments at the least made per week, debt will increase about to $7million, but will stop rising there as the revenues are so high.

C) Shares
- 5-10x share split will happen a lot, the actual share price will rise up to $50+.

D) Daily Ads
- We will have daily ads that are higher. It will not be everybody earning $10,000 every day, but more like x2 by right now.

E) Games
- It will turn more like a casino, bringing huge revenues to the website, giving us more money.

F) New features
- Will be awesome new features to excite us!

I seriously think this is the best money-earning stabilised website ever created!
I have joined Neo-bux, other sites that give you less than $1 a day, and I get more than $1 every morning so it’s awesome!

This website will never collapse!
If it collapses, then the INTERNET must have collapsed.
This is a very healthy system and transparent system.

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12/11/2014 14:26

You just said that share price will go up to 50 dollars? Or 0.50?

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12/11/2014 14:27


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12/11/2014 14:54

If this happens, truly will be crazy stuff, if share price (considering all the splits together ) to be 50 USD , its simply wow. :allears:

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12/11/2014 15:01

It’s all very well, but the dollar will collapse take a look at the Swiss have long since begun to buy gold bars so that the dollar will certainly fail to let Jo have in mind



Traffic Value: $3,089.53164 Korea Republic of

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12/11/2014 15:01

It’s already $3.97 now!

I think it will go to $50 in actual price like next year February or march.

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12/11/2014 15:57

hi daniel
your dream are too pretty, no offense, the system will collapse if you want the share rapid up to 50 on next few month
many people will cashout millions dollar first
MTV have not yet reached this point

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12/11/2014 16:21

I think your timeframe is conservative… If we keep growing; then our revenues will increase 20x in potentially months.

40k active users per day right now.
x20 = 800k active users.

But I think our revenues will increase faster than our active member base. As lately our revenues have more than doubled with only 10k extra active users. (So 1/3 increase in users, for 2x-3x increase in daily revenues).

If that trend continues, then we may only need to add 50-100k more active users per day; in order to see portfolio revenues of $100k+ … and ad issues topping $1m/day.

Plus the bigger we get, the more social proof + perceived security we’ll get. And that should unlock some much bigger investors…. And at some point there’ll be an advertising critical mass; where our “pure ad revnues” actually start to gain traction.

As look at the hyip forums, they have less traffic than us, but they earn thousands per week in banner ads. Sooner or later, we should be good for something similar… And currently MTV banners aren’t earning anything. But we’ve got a prime piece of real estate here.

Anyway, we’ll see!
But there’s a lot of growth coming I think… A 10x increase in share price ($30-40/share under the pre-split prices) should happen sometime next year… Then I may cashin 1/40th of my holding
But until then, i’m cashing out about half my earnings, and buying up shares / few FT250 investments with the rest.

Traffic Value: $66,865.76911 Malaysia

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12/11/2014 17:59

I am glad to see jo’s explanation let me remember at the earlier of this year i purchased 50000 shares on $0.007 price when jo said the shares will go up to $0.4 (before split $4) at christmas, i really didnt think the price could be rise up to the current price

I am cheerful now because i believed him and the future of MTV, so MTV and jo can be trusted

ps: i think jo is terminator, he comes back from the future

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12/11/2014 18:15

If you would say that to me 5 months ago (a little bit after i joined) I would say, this will never happen keep dreaming!

But now I’m 100% positive that this will happen and I think it will happen a lot faster than by year 2017 . With this growth I’d say we could reach that by end of 2015!


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