eToro Traders (Gurus) to Follow and Copy

You can read in detail the process we go through when selecting traders to follow on eToro in our tips section. In summary though we: look for Gurus with a proven track record (ideally at least > 12 months)

have a high preference to follow short term eToro traders (i.e. Gurus who don’t leave positions open for weeks or months)

follow traders who demonstrate a professional money management strategy. I.e. Gurus who risk a small percentage of their balance per trade and not Gurus who “bet” 10% or more on a single trade

look for an eToro guru who’s historical performance graph shows a gradual line upwards instead of a guru who graphs shows sudden peaks and dips

avoid traders with 100% (or > 90%) winning ratio. As explained in detail elsewhere, this only means they leave every position open until it becomes profitable, eventually locking up and losing all your capital as they widen their stop levels

look to follow and copy traders who watch the market and use clearly defined stop levels above or below certain trend lines, instead of arbitrary stops of 100 or 500 pips away

search for Gurus who know when to cut their losses and understand that not every trade

like eToro traders who actively communicate their strategy and market view with their followers and copiers

prefer Gurus who trade and focus on 1 or a few trading instruments (e.g. EURUSD) instead of those who trade in 10 different instruments and markets (most of the best and top professional traders specialise in a single market) -

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Tips penting

  1. Be careful with numbers that look too good, especially with the TOP 10 traders.
  2. Watch out from Scaled out trades – some traders don’t close their losing trades as they would damage the profit statistics. So they simply expand the Stop Loss. You can look for this in their Portfolio tab – there is a small date under the positions – if there are several losing positions with old dates that are still open with large Stops – it’s not a good sign. (See Fig.1.)
  3. Keep away from traders who do not use Stop Loss at all – this mostly means they have no understanding of what they are doing.
  4. Avoid “young accounts” – if you want your investments to be safe you should copy experienced traders (Optimal is at least 1 year experience). There are traders in the top with good results but who have very little experience signaling that their success might just be temporary luck.
  5. Look for traders who actively participate in discussions, give feedback and inform about their strategies, results and also comment on the losses if such occur.
  6. Unless you are familiar with and sure about the trader – set your own Stop Loess’s to prevent stepping on scaled out trades.
  7. Look for steady gains in the profit and loss chart. The smaller the volatility of the line the better as it shows that the trader is stable consequent in his approach.
  8. The best criteria for choosing a trader to copy are not in their stats pages! It’s in your demo account results when you have copied some trades!
  9. Talk to traders whom you are planning to follow.
  10. And remember that there are great traders also below the TOP 100.


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