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13/11/2014 06:33

It is too difficult to accumulate BAP. If you sell your shares for BAP, it is only one time per share and you will get as market bid. If you sell all shares then you loose all shares and no dividend is provided from MTV.

Is there any other process to get BAP more?


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13/11/2014 06:43

The best way is to purchase AdPacks as often as you can. For each $1spent purchasing an ad, you receive 3100 BAP. And dont forget to click daily all your activation ads as they are free. 

Traffic Value: $5.11837 India

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13/11/2014 06:59

I did once, but all BAPs consumed with 0.0005 value ads. Now I have no money for purchasing adpacks. What are other processes?

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13/11/2014 07:22

Are u in group or not? it really need time, for me take about 1 month let me in group 2 without any investment… So the best way is keep reinvest…

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13/11/2014 07:27

You need to click on ALL your daily BAP/activation ads.

If you have external funds it will help you climb faster buy buying ads to get your BAP.

If you have no external funds to buy ads with and dont want to play the sharemarket to convert shares to BAP then you can buy the 2 micro ad packs for 25 BAP each. This will give you low value ads = to $0.05 cent per day (minus 5%ref commission).

When you have saved up $1 … make your first ad purchase which will also give you 3100 BAP.

3100 BAP is = to $1.55 in ads that will start to come back to you. With your ad purchase you will also get a 1% (of your purchase) ad for the next 10 days following your purchase.

You still need to click ALL your activation ads each day.

Every ad you get will consume BAP so you need to keep buying ads to get more BAP. Climb fast by buying ads with 100% of your earnings and earn more faster or you can use 70% to purchase ads and keep 30% for yourself.

Once you have got above 1600 BAP you will start to get ads from the daily ad issue (according to the daily news each day). The higher group you climb to, the higher daily ad earnings you can earn from.

Promote your referral link anywhere you can, if you are lucky to get an active referral you will earn from them also which will help you earn faster.

If you want to do it all with no out of pocket expenses then you will have to be prepared to be patient while you are climbing on the slow road.

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