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i need some tips please :)

drain Traffic Value: $19.33728 Cyprus Like3 like this post Disagree0 people 30/01/2015 02:11 hello ! well first of all i’m kind of newbie here and i’m at the third group so what is the best strategy for me to grow even more ! and the other thing is when i buy shares i sell them instant . do i have to […]

Secret of 1+++ usd per day! gila apa!

What is mega upgrade?

These will deliver all 1% ads ranging in values from $0.50 and up! Eg. You will get all the 1% ads from all ad purchases of $50+ made over the next 7days. (Shared between any other upgraded users) only for use with more than 1m BAP as the ads are randomly distributed

Basic About MTV

There are 3 main investment Plan on MTV: 1) 186%, if you invest $1 will get back $1.86. 2) 250%, if you invest $1 will get back $2.50. But this plan need to pay $250 one year fee. 186%, 250% will take up to 90-100 days to return u the money. 3) Shareholders. Now per […]

how much to invest to earn $30 Daily

 ghb100 Traffic Value: $219.47101 Ghana Like0 like this post Disagree0 people 20/11/2014 17:33 would like to how much i should invest so i can earn $30 daily income  vesna15 Traffic Value: $212.99709 Slovenia Like1 like this post Disagree0 people 20/11/2014 17:36 you must be in level10,i think  kozlodoev Traffic Value: $75.19396 Russian Federation Like0 like this post Disagree0 people 20/11/2014 17:42 1000$ , and you immediately in the group 10 and get 30-50$ per […]

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