Basic About MTV

There are 3 main investment Plan on MTV:
1) 186%, if you invest $1 will get back $1.86.
2) 250%, if you invest $1 will get back $2.50. But this plan need to pay $250 one year fee.

186%, 250% will take up to 90-100 days to return u the money.

3) Shareholders. Now per Shares price is $0.40-$0.50, it will have Shares split soon. This is not the first time Shares split, happen before.

If u own 10 Shares = 0.40 x 10 = $4, after split to 100 Shares = 0.04 x 100 = $4. But the Shares price may rise again after split and when the Shares price up again $0.40-$0.50 may split again.
Their dividend Per Share average $0.00030-$0.00070, will not change after Shares split still the same.
$0.00042 dividend Per Share, if u own 10 x 0.00042 = $0.0042 u receive. The Shares dividend will not same every time, depend on how the PV/MTV earn every day.

U also can use real money gambling on MTV.

And MTV is Long term investment, PV is short term investment.

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