I want to ask jo that, do u really think 25baps*8ads per day are enough?

It gives 200baps and from that 100baps are given for daily tax means 100baps per day.
It means 100*0.0005=0.05$ ads daily.

For beginners, it has become difficult to digest this things. I had 5 referrals who left paidverts only for this reason that daily they get only 100baps free and so they are forced to buy ad campaign to get free baps. What is the profit for Non-investors then? Paidverts is available only for investors like other hyips?

Why it is so? And for higher groups 100baps are nothing and not worth it. I personally get ads above 0.01$ daily then what it is use of free baps?

Maybe before paidverts where having 100baps per ad. Please atleast increase bap ads to 50*8=400-100=300baps daily. It won’t actually affect paidverts in any way.

Take this into consideration if possible.




“wont actually affect paidverts in any way”  What?!?.  Do you even understand how this system works?  You can’t just give away money for free.  The problem is, because PV is NOT some scam site, it actually needs to operate on a profitable and sustainablie business model, so that it doesn’t collapse in on itself.  And what you are suggesting seems to create a mountain of BAP debt for no good reason, other than giving some people instant gratification, instead of lasting investment oppurtunity.

Even if you are a brand new user and you start today, in less than a month you could buy your first $1 ad pack, be in BAP group 1, receive daily ad issue as well, and be on your way toward your second $1 investment.  I think the system is completely fine as it is.



As van186 explained the site need to consider its sustainability too when giving free BAP activation Ads.
Generally  genuine PTC sites are giving about an average $0.045 earnings per day to free members. Here too free members have it. They can view 2 * $0.25 micro Ads packs daily using balance of 100 BAP on viewing 8 activation Ads – 100 BAP tax.
On 22nd day free members can purchase $1 Ads Pack [ 22 * $0.0005 * 95/100 = $1.045]
Then after it is up to members strategy to grow and get good earnings from the site.
[Actually it can be earlier than 22 days on considering Daily Ads received on and after 16th day after reaching 1600 BAP group]





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